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Our Story: American History Stories and Activities You Can Do Together

We collaborate like crazy. Together we share, learn, and succeed. March, Awarded Xplor Technology of the Year. Maintaining a standard of excellence. Select a language from the below list. Digital Experience. Customer Journey Mapping. Financial Services. Print Providers. Professional services. Resource Library. Customer Success. Social Media. Customer Portal. Our readers have a variety of identities, life experience, academic and professional expertise to draw on as they assess books that they read, and we continuously strive to build a team that represents all diverse experiences and communities.

OurStory is not a literary award, starred selection list, or book review source. Books are vetted and considered for problematic content, and we decline to put books in the app at our own discretion. We have chosen these books because we think that overall, they have more to recommend them than they do problematic elements, but this is something every reader should determine for themselves. We suggest that if you find a book that has a problematic, troubling, or offensive element, teachers and librarians use those texts as teaching tools to explore issues such as institutional racism, hurtful language, etc.

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Helping young people become critical, thoughtful readers is as important as finding great titles for them to discover in the first place. You may also email us at ourstory diversebooks. We do not currently have the capacity to read and assess books that are not written in or translated to English. We recognize that because of structural and institutional challenges and privileges at play, self-publishing has long been a world where marginalized voices not picked up by the traditional publishing industry can find audiences.

We absolutely respect the hard work and resolve these authors put into producing high quality books for young readers, and we will accept self-published books for OurStory at our discretion. However, there is already quite a large field of traditionally published books for us to work through before we even get to this additional field. For this reason, we consider self-published book suggestions only if they are accompanied by a link to a professional review for self-published authors, Kirkus is one professional review magazine that will accept self-published books for a fee or with links to three reviews by highly visible book bloggers.

After receiving those suggestions, our above selection policy applies, and we make no guarantees as to whether a book will be added to our database. Again, there are many definitions of diversity. OurStory also includes books by marginalized creators, even if their books do not feature diverse content.

Please email ourstory www. OurStory is a tool for the We Need Diverse Books nonprofit to help fund its programs and further its important mission. Manage your subscription on the account page.

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If you upgrade during your current subscription, you will receive credit for the remaining months of your subscription and this amount will be applied toward your new plan. Subscriptions renew automatically. You may cancel your subscription at any time from the account page. No refund is issued for canceled subscriptions, but you will continue to have access for the duration of your original subscription. BookGeek is a separate company that houses all things related to OurStory.

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BookGeek specializes in the technical development and maintenance of the app, while WNDB focuses on advocacy and program development. Every time readers purchase a book, OurStory receives a small affiliate income, which we use to support WNDB programs. OurStory is available in website format for desktops and laptops as well as on tablets. OurStory Public is in the works.

You have not been forgotten! In the meantime, booksellers can use the quiz function to help customers find books. Join our mailing list for the latest updates on OurStory! A story for every child. A reflection of every community. Join Now. OurStory is a book discovery tool that celebrates diversity and strives to include a wide array of titles with diverse content and by creators from marginalized communities. OurStory Kids: for ages 12 and under OurStory Teens: for ages 13 and up OurStory Pro: for educators and librarians OurStory is accessible via the internet browser on your computer and tablet.

Membership Levels By joining OurStory, you are supporting WNDB programs such as mentorships, internships, classroom and library initiatives, and grants for unpublished writers. OurStory Pro Bronze Level.

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OurStory Pro Silver level. OurStory Pro Gold Level. Frequently Asked Questions. How does OurStory work? Why does OurStory utilize a quiz function? Why is there no search box? How do you find the books you include in the database? Do you read the books before you put them in the database? Who reads the books? So if a book is in this database, it has a WNDB stamp of approval?

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