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On limestone soils of Mississippi and Alabama, the crop yields freely and people report large yields. In the west, irrigated farms featuring this crop are common too. In Kentucky, Kansas and Nebraska people grow it in large areas.

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The high acreage of the plant doubles the honey production possibility. White and yellow sweet clovers grow to a height between four and eight feet before they start blooming. They do not produce flowers until the second summer in Prairie stats, sweet clovers are in the list of invasive species and no row crop farmer likes them. Planting the clover in a large area and failing to bush hog it down or hay it off during the fall; you will be inviting a wildfire if freeze happens to kill it. The seeds can remain dormant for 30 years and the crop faces little competition for the native grasses and plants.

To differentiate pure clover honey from the rest, you should rely on the color, scent and flavor. The honey coming from bees that feed purely on clover has an almost white color. It has a subtle flavor and grassy floral scent. Actually, most of the honey you get in stores labeled as clover honey is a blend of the light colored kinds of honey. Moreover, two different bottles of clover honey, including those from the same farm or manufacturer, are likely to have a different taste.

The quality of clover honey highly depends on various factors. The first factor is the time of year the farm or manufacturer collects it. In summer and late spring, the honey will carry a stronger and richer flavor. Clover flowers are usually in full bloom during that time and bees gather more fragrant and robust nectar. The process a beekeeper adopts when it comes to extracting, filtering and storing the honey can also affect the marketability.

Mostly, producers strain or filter most of the honey to remove the debris, air bubbles and the wax bits.

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That is enough to make it appear clear and remain in a liquid state for a long time because there are no particles to allow crystallization. However, ultra filtration extracts the pollen and any other solid from the honey. Because there is an addition of water, the resulting solution is not one of the things that the US Department of Agriculture considers as honey but some farms might sell it as clover honey.

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Most small honey farms promote their honey as unfiltered. Regardless of the type, all honey is an antioxidant.

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That means it can help our body eliminate the harmful free radicals, which are known to cause health concerns such as cancer. Honey is an antiseptic too and most people use it as a good treatment for scrapes, cuts and sore throats. Natural pure honey should not have any added sugars, flavorings or corn syrup.

That makes it darker in flavor and color. The producing farm should label it as raw if it is unfiltered, unpasteurized and unheated. There are many commercial honey producers and their honey can be natural. However, it is not natural if it has any changes or flavorings. In the market, you will find fruit-flavored honey that you can drizzle onto waffles, spicy honey to drizzle on fried chicken and dried honey for adding to mixed drinks. Honey with a higher PH such as 6 is purer than honey with low PH level such as 3.

Both concentrations caused the maximum percentage of abnormal seedlings on the 10 th day and total mortality on the 14 th day. In contrast, the control treatment showed the presence of abnormal seedlings only on the 14 th day. The results indicated the necessity to change the concentrations to allow a higher time of seedling survival because the seedling development stage must be long enough to classify them as normal or abnormal Brasil, As for tough lovegrass there is still no protocol for studies on allelopathy but the type of the extracts, aqueous or alcoholic, can influence the results.

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Kruse et al. In Experiment II, the effect of concentration on seedling growth during the incubation time was dependent on the extract source Figure 1. The present findings corroborate the earlier reports about the toxicity level depending on the part of the plant used. Pereira et al. The extracts caused morphological changes in seedlings, as evidenced from the 4 th day.

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On the 10 th day, the differences between treatments became more pronounced, when it was recorded the highest percentage of abnormal seedlings Figure 3. The abnormalities observed in seedlings were radicle necrosis, absence of secondary roots and coat presence in seeds after germination. The radicle necrosis is a common allelopathic symptom Ferreira, Souza Filho et al.

The present study provides evidence that allelopathic effect of tough lovegrass varies with the part of plant, which indicates the importance to test aqueous extracts from inflorescences, stems and seeds, as well as their different phenological stage for example, green and senescent leaves. The mowing and sowing of the desirable forages in natural pastures could occur when the more allelopathic component is present in small quantity.

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Actually Ferreira et al. As the fast-germinating species were not damaged, it is believed that allelochemicals were released during the decomposing of residues. Wardle et al. Radicle necrosis, coat seed presence and secondary root absence are the main toxicity symptoms of the tough extracts on seedlings of this leguminous. Palestras e Resumos Pelotas: Embrapa Clima Temperado, []. CHON, S. Biological activity and quantification of suspected allelochemicals from alfalfa plants parts.

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    The Days of Clover
    The Days of Clover
    The Days of Clover
    The Days of Clover
    The Days of Clover
    The Days of Clover
    The Days of Clover

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