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One of them is of simple design but has many wondering implications: it consists in inviting a historical figure of the free jazz field to develop some work with combined approaches, his own and - because it's a tribute - the guest's. After doing so with Bill Dixon, short before his death, he came to Lisbon with no less than Pharoah Sanders, John Coltrane's companion and one of the leading spirits of the pan-African mysticism.

The encounter happened as the final act of the edition of the most important jazz festival in Portugal, Jazz em Agosto, and this is the live recording of that unique event. It's one more item in the Clean Feed series established in association with the festival organized by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and a special one. The music is an electrifying melting pot between jazz and free improvised music, with a tropical feeling and lots of electronics, something you never heard Pharoah do, but his tenor sax is all around, as it is his way of feeling and thinking. What a treat for our ears!

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Clean Feed - Portugal. Click for larger image. Personnel: Pharoah Sanders -tenor saxophone, voice Rob Mazurek -cornet, electronics, flute, voice Guilherme Granado -synths, samples, percussion, voice Mauricio Takara -cavaquinho, percussion, electronics Matthew Lux-electric bass Click an artist name above to see in-stock items for that artist. Highlight an instrument above and click here to Search for albums with that instrument.

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Spiral Mercury 3. Blue Sparks From Her 4. Asasumamehn 5. Pigeon 6. Jagoda's Dream 7. The Ghost Zoo Foundation Fundacja Sluchaj! Presso Il Passo Di Cristallina. Edit Your Shopping Cart Your cart is empty. New Account. What's New. Clean Feed. Click for larger image [x] close image. Other Releases With These Artists:. Mazurek, Rob Rome Clean Feed.

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Mazurek, Rob Mother Ode Corbett vs. Cortex Live! Baloni Belleke Clean Feed. Search for other titles on the Clean Feed label. Creative Sources. I still have it. That Magic Band show, along with a John Fahey concert a few days before, inspired to find a music a store and purchase a guitar on the Monday the next day a store was open , following the Saturday, Oct 9 Beefheart concert.

Since this is before The Spotlight Kid album came out, Elliot is improvising, as opposed to trying to recreate the solo on the album, which Don had him do after the release date in January of Elliot solos a lot on this gig, even in songs that usually do not have guitar solos. It is at ! I really do have Elliot to thank for all the time that I have spent with guitars. If it had not been for his playing that night, I probably never would have gotten a guitar, and taken some time, and figured out how to play the ways that I play.

Way too many. Near Most of them are my odd experiments in guitar parts assembly. With a solidified line-up, the abbreviated entity of Simon Caine recorded one self-titled album on RCA.

Members went on to form The Other One, which was short-lived. In a surprising, and completely unexpected move, the core members of Simply Saucer reunited for a six-song cameo set on September 17, at The Corktown Tavern in Hamilton. The band continues touring to this day.

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The news that they had fallen on hard times inspired Sinclair to write and broadcast the piece. Controversy followed the record as political analysts landed on either side of the pro or anti-American crusade. However, the label quickly dropped them when label-mate, Bryan Adams, complained that they were making fun of his album covers leaving Singing Fools to distribute their material independently once again. Following their demise several months later Parizeau formed Les Sinners with Boivin. The band was able to parlay the single into better live gigs.

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Plevin fretless bass. The band began making a name for themselves with eccentric rhythms, haunting visual imagery, and disonant tones. Ellard tapes, treatments, digital sampling.

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Skinny Puppy was soon becoming notorious for their industrial edge and stage personna gloomy gothic atmospherics often accompanied by disturbing film footage as a backdrop. Skinny Puppy snubbed the mainstream with their deliberate inaccessibility, stage shows and controversial album art. The record was nearly a rock production as Jourgenson added some accessible industrial techniques. Skinny Puppy then took the show on the road once more.

Following the tour, the band took a break after a 9 year non-stop assault. Nettwerk decided not to renew their deal with the band. The hunt for a new label led them to the door of rap producer Rick Rubin and his fresh new label American Records. The band moved to California and began a communal existance in a beach house they dubbed Shangri-La. The future looked bright as they began pre-production for album No. For 18 months starting in December to August , the band was beseiged by production problems. The fear that American was slowly destroying the band by dropping them in mid-project caused Ogre to quit the band.

On August 23, , Dwayne Goettel overdosed on heroin while in the midst of a side project called Download with cEvin key. While Ogre was off touring with industrial act Pigface, he recorded material for his side project W. Beginning in May they toured North America and Europe.

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With the addition of bassist Ronny Von Johnny and drummer Ron Macey they took up residence at the Spadina Hotel playing alongside and occasionally as replacement for Andrew Cash who had been signed to Island Records. Meanwhile, the first album had been freed from their holding area in a US warehouse and the debut album was re-issued by Capitol in July of The song went to No.

The single would go on to sell over 1 million copies. The record was met with less success and the group called it a day. The most successful was keyboardist David Foster who had been married to Skylark vocalist B. Cook and John Verner. Catharines, Ontario at The Franklin.

They soon gained a reputation as much for drinking and brawling as for playing music. Portrait rattled around the Southern Ontario club scene for about a year when their other guitarist vacated. Howarth replaced Mercel as bassist who moved into the chair of lyricist and Munro were added and Slik Toxik was formed in While opening for Succsexx at The Siboney club in Toronto, Bob Luhtala saw the band and signed them to a management deal.

A demo was produced by Bob Potter Scorpions and shopped to the major labels. The band kept in close touch with their fans through mail-outs and contests which established it as a fanbased act. Through the change of music that was taking place at the time i.

Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master
Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master
Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master
Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master
Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master
Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master
Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master
Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master Tisziji! Oh Friend And Master

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