Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline

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Chavs is a damning indictment of the media and political establishment and an illuminating, disturbing portrait of inequality and class hatred in modern Britain. How does a sweet and innocent child grow up to be so bitter and twisted that she is prepared not only to kill those she considers to be enemies but also to blow herself up in the process? Author: Gwyneth Rees Publisher: Bloomsbury. Divided loyalties, tested friendships, first loves, a changing home life and family secrets are all contained within this readable and amusing tale about the difficulties faced by adolescent girls.

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This big, beautiful book is full of short, simple poems that are joyous nods to nature in all its awe and wonder. Author: Robert Muchamore Publisher: Hachette. Recommended for confident middle-grade readers looking for a more challenging plot. Little Kunoichi is a ninja-girl-in-training and has a very special pet — a fearless, powerful, super-duper Ninja Bunny.

A charming picture book, combining the search for a suitable pet with a fun look at selected aspects of Japanese folklore and culture.

A perfect introduction to internet safety for young children, wrapped up in an imaginative story about a thrill-seeking chick. Young readers will identify with the Elite Squad's lack of confidence, and revel in Ruth's inventions, and the dastardly Pigeon-Poo Gang, while their elders will enjoy the useless duck agent James Pond, and the clever acronyms!

If you need an excuse to stay in bed or had one of those days when everything seems to go wrong, Matt Goodfellow knows exactly how you feel! A lively, illustrated collection of entertaining poetry by a popular performance poet. When Little Pippa Chicken is told by her teacher that chickens can't see in the dark, she sets out to prove him wrong, and soon becomes the talk of Sunnyside Farm. A little chick gathers her fabulously talented girlfriends to achieve her dreams of reaching the stars.

This heartbreaking tale of a group of children living in a refugee camp is based on real events, and will make readers both young and old reflect on those less fortunate than them. Now, it is deserted.

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A remarkable illustrated story that illuminates a little-known community. However, her adored father has discovered that Jules is not his child and is suing his wife for divorce and damages. Author: Tomi Adeyemi Publisher: Macmillan. Magic has been gone from the world for years, destroyed by a vengeful king. Zelie joins forces with a rebel princess to bring it back and save her people from domination.

Adeyemi has created a thrilling rollercoaster ride of a book. A promising portrayal of an adolescent mind which has been brainwashed by controlling adults into believing that its owner is evil. Chimp and Zee, the naughty, lovable monkey twins, like to hide in the banana basket and play tricks on Mumkey. But they squibble and squabble and end up being carried out over the sea clinging on to a bed sheet.

This is Zee. Point to everything you see!

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Author: Leila Rasheed Publisher: Usborne. When the Tooting family find a vast abandoned engine and fit it to their camper van, they have no idea of the adventure that lies ahead In this follow-up to the popular Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again , the car that can fly and sail can now also time travel. Join in the fun as all the animals come together for a chaotic dinner party! Tasty treats are on the menu - but unfortunately not all of the animals have very good table manners. Author: Carl Hiaasen Publisher: Orion. Hiaasen turns his satirical talents to an examination of the entertainment industry in this novel exploring the truth behind reality TV series.

Enjoyment is enhanced for all youngsters as they are given the option of 'feeling' the train's journey as well as watching and hearing it. This unusual story of star-crossed teenage love is told visually, through a series of photographs, collages and scrapbook pages. Chris Riddell's Doodle-A-Day features illustration prompts, tips and artwork from award-winning illustrator Riddell, which will have you doodling every day for a year.

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Some of these are deliciously, deliriously ghoulish, and if your child is the sort that hungers for chills and thrills, they will lap this up. It is the day before Christmas and the four Mellops brothers all have the same idea - to surprise their family with a Christmas tree. Containing two Christmassy Mirror-Belle stories and an additional Christmas crafts section at the end of the book, this is a lovely, festive bedtime book for children looking forward to the big day.

Christophe arrives as a Rwandan refugee in an English primary school, and initially suffers bullying Christopher Nibble loves to eat dandelion leaves. They have fixed up an old bicycle as good as new so the young guinea pig can ride it around town. Chu the panda has a very big sneeze for such a little panda.

The Backpacking Cat Who Travels The US With His Human

And sometimes, when he sneezes, funny things happen. A colourful, hilarious tale about starting school for the first time.

Wilbur's Story

Churchill the pig is very proud of his curly tail, and is devastated when it goes missing. Can friends Billy and Gruff help him get his tail back? This extremely imaginative take on the Cinderella story sees the heroine step out from behind the prince and forge her own destiny. Author: Emma Dodd Publisher: Templar. Prince Trunky is looking for a bride and all the girls in the neighbourhood are invited to his ball - but poor Cinderelephant is stuck at home cooking and cleaning for the Warty Sisters.

Rhodopis is a rarity in the north of Greece, with her red hair and blue eyes. Soon, she is kidnapped and turned into a slave. When the Pharoah finds a slipper, he declares he will marry the owner. This version of the Cinderella story is based on an Egyptian tale.

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The household of King Magnus the Magnificent has been thrown into turmoil. Prince Charming has proposed to a mystery woman, the unknown, but very beautiful, Cinderella. In a creative retelling of the Cinderella story, it's Cinderella's third ugly sister sister Gertie, who is the nice one. Gertie really wants to go to the ball, but there's no way that Mrs Ugly will let her go unless she can prove she's just as horrible as they are.

Did you know that Santa has a big bum? And what about Cinderella? Brilliant bottoms of all shapes and sizes make an appearence in this quirky picture book. A very special, haunting and mythical tale with lush, vibrant images, this new Neil Gaiman fable illustrated by Divya Srinivasan is as typically unusual and compelling as you would expect. Circle, Square and Triangle are friends and each has a distinctive personality. Beautifully designed, funny and a little bit spooky, this is a wonderful book to share with young children, particularly those with a spirit of adventure.

In the second installment of the Mortal Instruments series, Clary finds herself falling deeper into New York City's underworld of demons, werewolves, vampires and Shadowhunters. Author: Bali Rai Publisher: Corgi. Author: Victoria Schwab Publisher: Scholastic. But does she recognise the dangers within it? Little Witch is brewing up some special Halloween punch and all of her friends are coming to help. Clara Button loves hats and when her older brother Ollie breaks her favourite, Mum takes them on a special hat day out.

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While on holiday in Devon, Clare strikes up a touching friendship with an elderly man and his beloved horse. This moving tale of loneliness, loss and friendship is beautifully illustrated and particularly suited to dyslexic readers. Author: Lauren Child Publisher: Hachette.

Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline
Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline
Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline
Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline
Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline
Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline
Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline
Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline Wilburs Story: Adventures of a Feisty Feline

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