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Puzzled, confused, and saddened by her tragic and sudden death, she begins to do some further investigation on this horrific video which involves her visiting the "Shelter Mountain Inn", the infamous place where her niece Katie and her friends first viewed this videotape.

She herself watches the video, and sure enough the phone begins to ring.

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So now the clock is ticking and the days are going by, and Rachel has only 7 days to unravel the mystery of "The Ring". As many questions arise, and parts of this unraveled mystery begin to be revealed, there is only one question that remains. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More.

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Edit The Ring Jump to: Summaries 6 Synopsis 1. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Edit page. Share this page:. Katie Amber Tamblyn goes on a rant about the futility of television, calling it a "big conspiracy" that involves companies sending magnetic waves through the air and into our brains.

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Her friend Becca Rachael Bella isn't here for Katie's rambling about "electro-rays that are traveling through our head every second," so they turn off the TV. People rent it; I don't know. You start to play it, and it's like somebody's nightmare. Then suddenly, this woman comes on Seeing you through the screen. And as soon as it's over, your phone rings. Someone knows you've watched it. And what they say is, 'You will die in seven days,' and exactly seven days later Rather than laughing off Becca's story as an urban legend, Katie responds with a look of horror.

Last weekend, she went to a cabin in the mountains with her boyfriend and his friends. They wanted to record a football game on what appeared to be a blank tape they found at the lodge, but the reception in the cabin was so bad that they watched what was on the tape instead. It was a week ago.

A week ago tonight," Katie finishes. Katie doesn't die immediately after she finishes the story, but she does die that night at 10 p.

After getting some lemonade in the kitchen, she goes upstairs to her bedroom. When she reaches the upstairs hallway, she sees water slowly seeping out from under her door. She thinks it's Becca, playing a prank of some kind. Katie slowly opens her door and sees that the TV is on. There's a scene from the video on the screen; it's the now-iconic shot of the well that Samara climbs out of as she moves from the video, out of the television, and into her victims' homes.

We see a flash of images, a look of frozen horror on Katie's now-petrified face, and the whole thing ends in the type of fuzzy snow one saw on television sets in the days of yore. You know, back when your antenna was having trouble picking up a broadcast signal. At Katie's funeral, her mother Lindsay Frost asks her sister Rachel Naomi Watts , a journalist, to investigate her niece's mysterious death.

The coroner's report says that Katie died of heart failure, but her mom says, "I spent four hours on the internet, and I couldn't find one single case of a year-old girl's heart just stopping. The movie cuts for just a few seconds to an indelible image: Katie, crouched in the corner of her closet, her face completely frozen like Edvard Munch's " The Scream. I'm sorry; it had to be mentioned. I'll move on. Rachel decides to start investigating her niece's mysterious death right there at her funeral.

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She asks a bunch of teens she finds smoking outside what happened to Becca. She's now in a mental hospital.

Rachel asks if Katie was into drugs, but Kellan Adam freaking Brody, who we did not remember was in this interjects. It's about the tape I haven't seen it, obviously," he says. The girls to whom Rachel is talking know about the tape, too, but they heard about it from Katie's boyfriend. Rachel asks where Josh is. The same night that Katie died. Rachel moves her investigation to Katie's room. Modern technology has always scared us, because it can so radically upend the way we live.

But it all works out in the end, thanks to the NYPD and Twitter

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With This Ring (horror stories) With This Ring (horror stories)
With This Ring (horror stories) With This Ring (horror stories)
With This Ring (horror stories) With This Ring (horror stories)
With This Ring (horror stories) With This Ring (horror stories)
With This Ring (horror stories) With This Ring (horror stories)
With This Ring (horror stories) With This Ring (horror stories)
With This Ring (horror stories) With This Ring (horror stories)

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